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The top 7 causes of pedestrian accidents

As a pedestrian, there will obviously be times when you find yourself in close proximity to motor vehicles. This holds true when jogging on the sidewalk, crossing the street on your way to work and walking into the shopping mall or grocery store.

There are steps you can take and tips you can follow to prevent trouble. However, you know that some drivers don't pay attention to pedestrians, which increases the likelihood of being part of an accident.

Here are some of the many incidents that often lead to a car-pedestrian accident:

  1. Speeding: When a person drives in excess of the speed limit, there's a greater chance that they'll hit another car, a pedestrian or an object.
  2. Reckless driving: There are many forms of reckless driving such as excessive speeding, illegal passing and failure to use turn signals.
  3. Distracted driving: Drivers are more likely to cause an accident when they aren't watching what's going on around them.
  4. Drowsy driving: Drivers must be 100 percent alert at all times. If a person is drowsy, they may not have the reaction time necessary to prevent a serious accident.
  5. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Everyone is at risk when a person gets behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.
  6. Disregarding weather conditions: It's important for drivers to adjust their approach when the weather changes such as slowing down if it begins to rain.
  7. Disregarding traffic conditions: This is important, as a person's driving style must change along with the traffic. For example, rush hour in the city means more cars on the road and more people crossing the street.

One or more of these situations could bring danger to you as a pedestrian. The problem with this is that you don't have any control over motor vehicle operators. You can only control over yourself and the decisions you make.

If a car strikes you, you're likely to suffer a variety of serious injuries. This is why it's so important to call 911.

Once you receive initial medical treatment, you can then work with your doctor to implement a long-term recovery plan. You can also take steps to investigate your accident to determine how to hold a reckless driver responsible for their negligence. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help you on that front.

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