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The first steps you take in the immediate aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can have lasting consequences for your personal injury claim against the other driver or under your own insurance policy. To make sure that you avoid the mistakes that could cost you thousands, get the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney. Contact Breslin & Breslin in Hackensack for a free consultation.

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With a tradition of service in auto accident cases that goes back more than 70 years, Breslin & Breslin is proud of the results that we have achieved through negotiated settlements and jury verdicts. One key to our success is our thorough familiarity with New Jersey insurance law and practice. Just as important is our ability to maximize the value of client claims by finding all of the potential sources of recovery, not just the most obvious ones.

Was a negligent manufacturer at least partially responsible for your injuries? How about the road itself — was it properly designed or maintained? Because the most serious injury cases will probably generate more damages than a private auto insurance policy will cover, we work hard to establish liability against any defendant who can be held to answer for the accident.

We represent local drivers and out-of-state motorists in personal injury claims for New Jersey accidents:

Our motor vehicle accident practice covers injuries ranging from fractures and soft tissue trauma to disabling brain or spinal cord injuries.

We also represent people who have been hurt in boating accidents such as explosions and boat collisions. To learn more about our experience and approach to client service, contact a lawyer at Breslin & Breslin in Hackensack for a free consultation.