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If you are considering filing a birth injury suit, it is important to hire an attorney whom you can trust and who has the experience to handle your case with the greatest care. Contact our firm to speak with a personal injury attorney about your birth injury case today.

Legal Advice in the Aftermath of a Serious Birth Injury

If negligent medical treatment played a role in your child's birth injury, the attorneys of Breslin & Breslin know how to present the evidence that could entitle you to damages. Contact us in Hackensack for a free consultation about your claims.

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When and where did you become aware of the birth injury?

Was the child's mother taking any prescription or over-the-counter medication during pregnancy?
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Did the child's mother or the child experience any medical difficulties during childbirth?
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Do you know the names of any physicians, nurses, or other professionals who treated the mother during pregnancy and childbirth?
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What specific injuries were sustained as a result of the birth defect injury?

What specific development, or physical and mental abilities have been affected by the birth injury?

Is the child currently receiving medical treatment or rehabilitation as a result of the birth injury?
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Have you discussed the child's birth injury with any insurance representative or attorney representing other parties involved in the matter?
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How has the birth injury affected your child's overall life experience and well-being? And yours?

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